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Even as a young girl, I had a clear vision that I wanted to contribute to making this world a place of beauty and abundance, peace and mindfulness for all of its inhabitants. My school, professional and personal career have developed from very different approaches, approaches that are now moving more and more towards each other and interacting in a rhythmic dance.

My intuitive, differentiated perception and my ability to be present in the moment enable me, in combination with my training in the academic, pedagogical and therapeutic areas, to accompany you individually in your processes and to respond to a wide range of needs.


I have seen and lived through much that is painful and difficult on my journey through life, and it has deepened my love for life. With my well-founded inner confidence and my authenticity, with my curiosity about every person, I can help you to look at life with new perspectives and thus generate more inner space.

Reading Books


Systemic family constellation with body-based trauma resolution

Intensive work on myself including trauma therapy & Integrative Body-Mind-Energy-Counseling (2007-2022)

Integral Somatic Psychology (ISP) with Dr. Raja Selvam, Cologne

MBSR Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Freiburg

SOMA Embodiment, Zurich

Somatic Experiencing (SE) (Intro 2019)

University of teacher education, qualification as a high school teacher (2023)

Studied English and German, Major in English Literature and Culture Studies, Basel (MA 2017, summa cum laude)

Teaching Sivananda Yoga in groups, Basel (2006–2014)

Intensive therapeutic/educational work with young people, Liestal (2008-2009)

Sivananda Yoga TeacheraEducation, Tyrol (2006)

Degree in Psychology, London  (2004-2006)

Bodywork, drama, dance and voice training

Various meditation retreats

Journey through India

motherhood and life itself

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