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Are you in a phase of life in which your inner balance is out of joint? Through integrative therapy/ trauma therapy, counseling for educational & Family problems​ or yoga you will achieve your inner balance.



You are in a phase of life in which your inner balance has gotten out of joint, maybe you just separated from your partner. You are stuck in a life crisis, feel disorientated, unsupported, depressed, desperate, suffer from fears, fear of failure and an inner emptiness or you may be wondering whether you are in the midst of a mid-life crisis. They long for meaning in life, more abundance, serenity and more flow. You are looking for psychological advice, coaching, therapy or simply support on your way. In this vulnerable time, I am happy to stand by your side and accompany you individually on your way back to yourself.

What I can offer

Process support:

Integrative Therapy/Body-Oriented Trauma Therapy for


- Adult


- couples

What is integrative therapy?

Integrative therapy means that those people who come to me are supported with a wide range of methods.

I try to feel intuitively and together with my clients which approach favors the process of healing, integration, personal growth, gaining knowledge; challenges, advances and nourishes the clients at the same time.

What methods/approaches can I expect?

The methods I use have their origins in body-oriented trauma therapy (SOMA, ISP, SE), come from Gestalt therapy, constellation work, interactive, guided meditation and/or are a mixture of various approaches that I have been able to experience and learn on my way.

Beyond all methods, the most important thing for me is the relationship with my clients, the careful handling from moment to moment.

When is (trauma) therapy useful?

The belief that we should only do therapy when nothing works is no longer up-to-date. The understanding of trauma in the vernacular is also very limited. We all carry minor and some of us major traumas with us, some from unique, concrete situations, others from unfavorable circumstances that we have been exposed to over a period of time and many from a pre-, peri- and postnatal period. These affect our feelings, thoughts and actions in a variety of ways, mostly unnoticed. For example, we cannot resolve a certain pattern, even though we have long understood in our heads that it is not good for us. Or we get so triggered by a certain person or situation that we startle ourselves. Or we keep being attracted to the same type of person or situation that hurts us.

Taking the time and space to engage with ourselves and difficult emotional memories—not just about our intellect—is incredibly powerful and deeply effective. Our inner workings, our bodies and the intelligence of the healing process itself never ceased to amaze and awe me.

Do you feel "stuck" in certain aspects of life or in general; frustrated; exhausted, do you have relationship problems, hardships, fears, problems with your children, in the family or primarily in the relationship with yourself, then I would like to explore your needs, hardships, fears, wishes and patterns together with you and work out tools together that can create more opportunities for you and open up new paths.

In more serious cases, unprocessed trauma leads to post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, depression, panic disorders, self-harm, compulsions, violent problems. In these situations, I am happy to support you in addition to your psychologist/psychiatrist.



They often experience the feeling of helplessness and despair in raising children, repeatedly feel an inexplicable anger, feel inadequate and are often plagued by a bad conscience. You have the feeling as a mother or

Father never being good enough and don't know where to put limits and where not. The task of being a mother or father feels overwhelming. You're going in circles in your family dynamics. You want more clarity and harmony and trusting relationships in your family. I am happy to support you on this path.


Process support:

- Advice and support


- Systemic constellations with body-based trauma resolution(in education)

process support

Through my many years of experience as a mother and teacher, through my intensive examination of life, people and their relationships, I was able to build up a rich repertoire of knowledge and tools that I would like to share. If you have difficulties in bringing up and/or in the relationship as a couple, siblings, family members, but also colleagues and friends, I will be happy to support and advise you. 



Are you often tense, restless, stuck in your head? Are you longing for rest, relaxation and more connection to your body? The integrative yoga gently leads you back to yourself.

  • Wed, 29 May
    29 May 2024, 19:00 – 20:30
    Basel, Im Westfeld 19, 4055 Basel, Schweiz


WEDNESDAYS: 19:00 - 20:30

at Rheinländerstrasse 3 in Basel

SATURDAYS: 10:15 - 11:45

at Eulerstrasse 19 or Rheinländerstrasse 3 (depending on the number of registrations)


In my classes I combine different yoga styles (especially Sivananda Yoga) and meditation techniques, mindfulness work, and various approaches to body-oriented (trauma) healing.  

I would like to offer a vessel for inner growth, in which many new things can open up to us and we can embark on a journey into the depth and breadth of our being. We will explore our attitudes and beliefs and deal with ourselves in detail. In addition to Yoga, Vipassana, Metta and other meditation traditions, Qi-Gong, elements of SE (Somatic Experiencing)SOMAMBSR and support more along the way.


III. MBSR – mindfulness
Based stress reduction

Do you always feel overwhelmed and stressed and find it difficult to calm down? Do you find it difficult to live and be present in the moment? The 8-week MBSR course gives you valuable tools for dealing with stress and opens up new paths to a more mindful life.


Process support:

8 week MBSR course

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

I regularly offer 8-week MBSR courses.During 8 weeks we meet once a week for 2.5 hours as well as a full day and develop tools to get more in touch with the experience of the moment, to invite and cultivate mindfulness into our lives.

Mindfulness is a quality that cannot be manufactured or produced, but reveals itself as a gift. However, this gift can often find its way to us if we regularly practice with ourselves and our mind and body to perceive what is happening at the moment, if we train to be able to steer and use our attention more arbitrarily. Above all, we receive the gift when we invite our hearts to open.

Mindfulness means, for example, that we become aware of what we are feeling, thinking or doing without judging it, that we can give space to what is here and we can only do this from a friendly, benevolent attitude. If we are in resistance to what shows up, the space narrows and we become unable to act or are caught in recurring patterns of action.


The more we train to be present with what is right now, the more our mind can distance itself from its automatic defense mechanisms and explore new perspectives even in situations that trigger stress, fear, pain or other difficult feelings and sensations. So we are less re-acting and have more freedom of choice in acting. As a result, we gain a certain serenity and live in a friendlier relationship with ourselves and our environment.

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