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Is there burnout and verbal violence in your school and you lack a resilient workforce? The core concern of my formats is to bring more calm, serenity and benevolence into your institution. To prevent burnouts and verbal violence and to provide tools that enable a healthy, resilient workforce.


Are your teachers often at the limit? Are you overwhelmed with difficult class dynamics, high demands and tensions in the team? Is there verbal and emotional violence in the school classes? Do you need new perspectives, support and guidance in these processes? Then give your teachers tools that enable a healthy, resilient workforce. I am happy to support your institution with the format that suits you.


What is mindfulness?

The word mindfulness is currently on everyone’s lips and in “vogue”; It has become an integral part of the mental health discourse and is at the forefront of individual burnouts, depression, anxiety and adjustment disorders as an important pillar of the recovery program. Psychiatrists and doctors prescribe the 8-week MBSR program to their patients, which is also partially covered by some health insurance companies, and recommend yoga and meditation courses.

Thanks to the increasingly widespread holistic understanding of healthmore


I offer you a variety of tools and strategies to prevent burnouts and stress, promote a healthy, resilient workforce, and create a relaxed learning atmosphere and a benevolent classroom climate. I also explain the symptoms of trauma and, together with the teachers, work out how to deal with them.

I teach my methods to your teachers and students in various workshops and training formats. 
My offerings include a rich mix of diverse approaches, including those that have been widely researched and recognized worldwideMindfulness training MBSR


1 day workshop with or without presentation


5-evening compact course


Process support:

8 week MBSR course


Intensive support:

Mediation, therapeutic work


I would be happy to put together a program in consultation with you.


Would you like to bring your team closer together again? Training performance skills, strengthening communication and boosting creativity? 
Would you like to give your team tools for more connection, less stress, more self-confidence and resilience?

In cooperation with the nature and wilderness educator Reto Tommasini, we offer different formats, which cover different elements depending on the desired focus.


1 day format


2-day format


4 days off


Process support:
Accompaniment over a certain period of time, for example half a day for a quarter

Day camps during the holidays for children


We would be happy to put together a suitable program for you in consultation with you.


mindfulness in nature

Countless studies over the last 20 years have come to the conclusion that we not only lack a connection to nature on a mental level, but that being outside and especially in the forest is also essential for our physical health. In heavily urbanized areas, the population is encouraged to take regular forest baths, and many mentally and physically stressed people are prescribed stays in nature.

Sometimes even a few hours outside almost seem like a small miracle, the presence, the simplicity, the simple being of nature have a positive effect on us without our doing. If we combine this stay with perception exercises and at the same time train ourselves to be more in the moment, to really feel our own being, this positive effect multiplies x-fold. We can quickly and easily get in touch with ourselves and with nature, because this connection is actually always there naturally, we just often forget it and no longer feel it in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

You can use this offer as a teacher with your class or as a team of teachers with one or more of the following needs:


  • You want to give your class/team an experience in a completely different context

  • You want your class/team to reconnect with nature

  • You want to bring your class/team closer together

  • You want to train your performance skills

  • You want to boost creativity

  • You want to optimize communication

  • You want to give your class/team tools for more connection, less stress, more confidence and resilience


Our offer includes the following elements:

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